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I cant remember when i discovered this against-the-grain feeling-destroying human-groovebox first, but, i can tell you; im glad i did. I dont have to talk more about the person because the internets is full of information. (if you are lazy, like me, then just click !this! or !that! )!

This guy didnt fall from the sky. He learned all the stuff, he want to know, here, on our earth. And this, he did very well. First of all you have to know about music theory (surprise!) and, in this case, [i mean, not only, but specially in this case] you also have to know about the history of music and, most of all, about the, so-called, „pop era“. Anyway, to let sadness and suffering come together with a swingy, golden twenties, all-is-good feeling, it…, it is…, interessting. in a good way! Sometimes it allows myself to see the topic in a different way, even more clearly, than the original would.

The „Lounge against the music“ LP is Richard Cheese´s debut album and at this time he only recorded with synthetic devices. There is a „Best of“ LP out there witch is recorded with „real“ instruments. Its called „The sunny side of the moon“ and i really reccomend it to you, its one of the good ones, you know! So go and get it!

And what i dont like:

I subscribed for his newsletter, once upon a time, but i quit it because he was mostly sending stuff about fighting against the music piracy and that is not the kind of information i want when i subscribe a artists newletter. Sorry, but hes using stuff, created from other people. Hes a pirate. Dinosaurs, can not fight against the meteor. I mean they can, but it wont help them. So no dinosaur choose to fight aginst the forces of nature. Nobody sane would. Anyway and nevermind, i hope, im not out of time and hes still doing a great work.


thanks for the attention, we read us next time.

Hopefully the break is not as long as it was before. 😉

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